ECRock’s main objective is to establish sustainable communities by harnessing eco-friendly technologies and inclusive resources from the local, regional, and state levels. Through a strategic partnership with Meridian Hospitality and Development, ECRock is tapping into their expertise in construction, energy, hospitality, information technology and esports. Together, their aim is to offer communities a wide range of services and groundbreaking solutions to cater to their diverse needs.

Curtis B. Scruggs

Managing Member/CEO

Curtis Scruggs is entrusted with the responsibility of executing the organization's strategic plans and policies. He is accountable for enhancing the financial health of the company, overseeing the overall operations and resources, and acting as the primary communicator, facilitating seamless collaboration between the Advisory Board and corporate operations. Curtis served as Executive Director of the Glenville Resource and Conference Center, a community-based non-profit that converted an abandoned YMCA facility into a Community Center with a Culinary Program and a Conference and Banquet Facility. Mr. Scruggs was Executive Director of Northeast Ohio Re-Entry Coalition for fifteen years, which offers training and employment opportunities to recently released offenders serving ten-thousand people per year at its peak.



Meridian Hospitality & Development, LLC - MeridianHD.com
Managing Member/CEO

Byron Dillard has 30+ years leading large scale Programs as a Management and Technology Entrepreneur and Senior Program/Project Manager for projects covering a twenty year span of time and made contributions of his skills and expertise in both operational and senior executive roles within a number of industries: Construction, Energy, Telecommunications, Homeland Security and Government Relations. Byron also has a great depth of experience within the Federal market place. As a Government Relations specialist for one of America’s largest energy trade association, Byron served as the senior marketing liaison to the Federal government, responsible for assisting member companies with overcoming issues affecting their marketing and operational initiatives and promoting the industry’s state of the art technologies. Byron’s advocacy assignment included the following Federal agencies: Department of Energy, General Services Administration, Department of Transportation, Defense Fuels Logistics Agency, Department of Labor and United States Postal Service.


William T. Aden, Sr.

Member/Chief Marketing Director

William has 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Project Management across various industries, such as Hospitality, Entertainment, Financial Planning, Call Centers, and Digital Marketing. His responsibilities include developing marketing programs, managing investor relations, brand management, operational assessments, and corporate sponsorships. William has been involved in community services; transitioned clients from asset accumulation to wealth distribution, managed portfolios exceeding $9.3M; and served as the Vice-president for Marketing for The LeBron James Family Foundation Bike-a-thon.

Corinne Bozin-Grizzell

Member/Director of Acquisitions and Property Management

Corinne holds the responsibility of nurturing and maintaining industry relations with brokers and principals. Additionally, she will offer guidance and feedback to members of the acquisition team throughout the entirety of the due diligence process leading up to finalization. Corinne is also tasked with the negotiation and administration of leases, rental agreements, and contracts, ensuring adherence to lease terms, rental agreements, and pertinent legal statutes.

Lydia Harrison

Member/Director of Design

Lydia oversees the design and architectural initiatives at ECR, focusing on enhancing communities from a psychological and empathetic design standpoint. With a specialization in Equitable/Socially -Just design, Lydia leverages her ten years of A&D industry experience to formulate strategies and development endeavors aimed at improving communities while mitigating displacement. Lydia is deeply committed to creating architectural designs that tangibly impact communities for the better.

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